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24 March 2012

Twist Lick Dunk!!

24 March 2012, Comments: 1

Doesn’t this lingo sound familiar with you? First you twist, then you give it a lick and finally you dunk it in and get […]

22 March 2012

Movie Deal Alert!!!

22 March 2012, Comments: 2

A little shout out to ADL readers here, act fast before you regret not getting this deal! We all know that sometimes it’s a […]

20 March 2012

Join in the DRAW SOMETHING craze!

20 March 2012, Comments: 2

If you have been keeping up with what’s the latest rave about ever since the angry bird game, then you should know that DRAW […]

19 March 2012

$268 SEOUL KOREA DEAL REVIEWED & Free Shanghai Trip for ADL Readers?!!

19 March 2012, Comments: 14

We all know too well, about the 1000 queries going through your mind before you click the “BUY NOW” button on these daily deal […]

16 March 2012

Two similar products with two different prices?!

16 March 2012, Comments: 2

Don’t say we didn’t warn you here. You should read on what ADL’s have to say before clicking on that ‘Buy’ button for this […]