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Nowadays, more individuals are seen carrying the iPad, from lecturers to students to managers. However, it doesn’t come cheap! With the latest iPad 2, the price of the lowest end model comes at hefty price tag of S$668! Perhaps it is time to check out on its competitors. Read on to find out more…

>>> StreetDeal$229 for an Android 2.2 tablet with 2 Mega pixel camera with free delivery <<<

Weighs only 1.5kg and dimensions are 263 * 168 * 15mm


  • Unlimited vouchers per person. Buy multiple as gifts.
  • Shipment starts when deal is over and address is received.
  • Shipping period may take up to 21 days.
  • In case a replacement is needed, customer will bear costs of shipping back the unit.

Always wanted a tablet but unable to afford it? Is an iPad 2 too expensive for you? Well, perhaps this deal is the one for you! Agent CrackerJack helps you to explore the wonders of the Google Android 2.2 SuperPad.

Firstly, let’s do the calculation on how much you get to save. Based on Pick Rice, the given price in the website is US$369.99, which is about S$477.92 based on XE currency converter. By purchasing this deal, you only pay S$229, which allows you to save approximately $477.92 – $229 = S$248.92. The amount you save is actually more than the amount you pay! It’s almost unbelievable if you were to ask me. So how about the specs then?

Sharp Picture Quality

Let’s do a comparison between the iPad 2, taken from their official web store and the SuperPad.

SuperPad vs iPad 2 Wifi vs iPad 2 Wifi + 3G

As you can see from above, the iPad 2 has far more superior specs as compared to the SuperPad. Hence, it justifies the hefty price tag. As for the SuperPad, the saying goes that “what you pay is what you get”.

Take a look at the thickness! Or maybe the "thin-ness"!


We would like to give you the chance to tell us what you guys think about this one. Yes, the price is much cheaper compared to an iPad 2. Yes, the amount you save from the normal price is more than the amount it cost you to purchase it. However, are the specs of the product even worth S$229? What are your thoughts? Do let us know in the comment section below!

Click HERE to read an online review for Superpad

PS: if you are interested, you may like to check out Amazon for their tablets. ADL found some of them selling at cheap affordable prices even after taking into account the shipping cost to Singapore!

305 Alexandra Road #05-15
Vantage Automotive Centre
Singapore 159942
Email: info@streetdeal.sg

At ADL, we leak, you read. CrackerJack Out!

6 responses on “Step Aside iPad

  1. inCLYNEd says:

    Not sure whether it would be worth $229…
    At 1.5kg, it’s super heavy for a tablet (just 400g lighter than my 13.3″ laptop).
    4GB storage doesn’t leave the user with much.
    Resistive touch screen, another deterrent.
    Lastly, Android 2.2 is quite an old version, even on a phone with better specs I don’t it’s very efficient.
    I wouldn’t pay either S$477 or S$229 for it.
    Better to save up more and get a better tablet like the Asus Transformer Prime or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    P.S. I think you forgot to mention the processor speed and RAM. ;-)

  2. fir says:

    You are comparing an unknown brand with the famous Ipad2.
    It aint an apple to apple comparison.

    Even if all the specs exceed, it still does not give the Oomph that Apple provides.

  3. apple says:

    ya. i agree with fir. comparing something unknown with an ipad 2 is not realisitic. But then again you are asking if the specs are worth $229. Which i dun think it is. 1 star from me.

  4. ADL-CrackerJack says:


    Thank you all for the constructive feedback! The purpose of the comparison with Apple is merely to compare specs wise. In no way was it meant to put Apple down. The purpose, like what our reader, apple has stated, is to let you as the audience decide if the specs are worth the amount you pay for. Hopefully, this clears any sort of “misunderstanding”. Have a great weekend!

  5. toh says:

    why is not an apple to apple comparison? they are both tablets in my opinions?

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