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In Singapore, there’s only one place that snows. It is none other than our Snow City! Hence, it you haven’t experience snow and are keen in either skiing or snowboarding, then you have to check this out! Read on to find out more…

>>> GrouponBeeconomic - $37.50 for 2 Hour Play-It-Yourself Skiing or Snowboarding Session at SportsQuest in Snow City <<<


  • Includes Admission, Apparel (except socks) and Equipment.
  • Valid 6 months.
  • Valid for customers 5 years and above.
  • Appointment required.
  • Sessions Schedule: Daily 6pm, 7pm, 8pm.

It doesn’t snow in Singapore. That’s why Snow City, Singapore’s first indoor snow centre came about. If you wish to have a little taste of what snow is like, Snow City can provide you with a sneak peek. However, is $37.50 for 2 hours truly worth the money? Let’s find out!

Remember to follow the instructions.

Before we begin, please note that for this deal, the merchant in question here is SportsQuest and not SnowCity. Both are different entities. SportsQuest operates within SnowCity, and provide skiing and snowboarding courses. Hence, we should be looking at the rates from SportsQuest, and not the rates to enter SnowCity. Of course, if you are interested to know the rates to enter SnowCity (for Snow play time, and no skiing or snowboarding), please click HERE to check out the rates. Also, please bear in mind that for this deal, it entails you you to either a skiing session OR a snowboarding session. Not both.

We called up the merchant, and realise that the merchant has lots of different skiing and snowboarding programs and courses. Programs and courses comes in different duration,  and different class sizes to suit different needs. Click HERE to check out the different programs and courses offered by the merchant.

With regards to this deal, it is a 2 hour play it yourself skiing OR snowboarding session. We enquired the merchant, and below are the rates that the staff mentioned over at the phone. This is similar to the prices that mentioned on their programs and courses list too.

Self-play package: $30/hr (inclusive of admission fee)
Equipment: $10/hr (compulsory)
Apparatus: $10/hr (compulsory)
Total: $50/hr
Additional hour: $25/hr

A professional standby to ensure your safety!


As seen from the above, the the total price for 2 hours of skiing or snowboarding will be worth $75 (as stated in GrouponBeeconomic’s deal description). This means that you’ll be able to save $75 – $37.50 = $37.50. In other words, you’ll be getting 50% off! That definitely a substantial amount of savings! :)

Next, lets take a look at the terms and conditions. Firstly, $37.50 is inclusive of everything except for socks (which I’m pretty sure that you have at least one pair at home). This means that no additional charges will be needed. Secondly, this deal voucher is valid for 6 months, which gives you plenty of time to plan your schedule ahead!

Perhaps one bad thing about this deal is that there is no indication as to whether the deal is valid for redemption on a daily basis or not. What was mentioned is just that an appointment is needed prior to visit. This means that the merchant does have the right to not oblige to one’s appointment request and instead offer another date.

Hence, ADL’s advice is this. If you have a confirm date in mind, do check with the merchant first before you purchase this deal. The last thing you want is to find out that the date you really wanted is not available after buying the deal. Also, do note that for the timing wise it is fixed at  3 different daily timings, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. This can be a restriction for some we believe.

All in all, considering all the facts and findings for this deal, we feel that it is still a pretty good deal! So… we are giving it four stars!

Anyone has tried skiing and snowboarding by SportsQuest before? Do share with us your experience!

PS: Guys out there who are still thinking of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day (which is in 18 days time… OMG…), you may wish to consider this deal! But do note that as above mentioned, appointment is required for this deal. Thus, it is safer to call up the merchant and check if this deal is available for redemption on 14th Feb first :)

Check out TripAdvisor’s Review on SnowCity HERE.

21 Jurong Town Hall Road
Snow City Building S(609433)
Tel:  6560 2306 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm), 6560 4773 (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays), 6560 1297
Fax: 6425 0801
Email: contact@snowcity.com.sg
Website: http://www.snowcity.com.sg
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SportQuestSingapore?sk=wall

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