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Today, we are going to review on a cupcake baking deal offered by The Cook Club. This deal was offered by Outlet a couple of weeks back, and here at ADL, one of our team member actually bought this deal and redeemed it.  Today, we will be doing a post deal review for this deal. Before we begin, we will like to mention that we actually did a pre review of that deal before. Click HERE to check out the pre deal review for this deal.

So… below are the thoughts for this deal by one of our team member (a guy btw) who had attended the lesson last Sunday on December 11, 2011.

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At $39, I thought that this deal is pretty worth it. The lesson is 3h, and all the equipments needed are provided. You can just literally, come in empty handed and start the workshop. Every one will make a total of 32 cupcakes (12 Tiramisu flavor, 10 carrot cake flavor and 10 passionfruit flavor). You will be provided with paper boxes to bring the cupcakes back home.

Out of 5 stars, I will give a total of 4.5 stars for the price of this deal.


I must say that I really enjoyed myself in the 3h workshop. Everyone will have to find a partner and work together to produce the cupcakes. So if you are going there alone, you will be making new friends. The teacher (Cecilia) is very friendly and nice, and she will first show you how to make the cupcakes, and subsequently, you will go back to make it yourself. There is a co-instructor in the workshop too, who will ensure that all your equipments/ingredients are in place. She is also the one who will take out the cupcake for you from the oven, so you do not have to keep track of time and worried that your cupcakes might get overcooked. One slight thing that affected my level of enjoyment is probably the fact that the pace of the workshop was a bit too fast, and more often than not, I and my partner find ourselves rushing. Also, you have to wash your own equipment a couple of times.

Overall, I still enjoyed myself, and will give 4 stars under this aspect.

Content taught

In the workshop, I learnt to make a total of 3 kinds of cupcakes, namely Tiramisu, Carrot and Passionfruit. I was also taught how to make the icing for each kind of cupcakes. A recipe by the teacher was given which has clear instructions on how to bake each kind of cupcakes. The teacher also shared some tips and her own experiences on baking which I thought was pretty useful.

4 stars for this aspect.

Terms & Conditions

I do not have much issue with the terms and conditions for this deal. Bookings for the lesson is on a first come first service basis, and I had to email the teacher myself. Originally, I wanted to have my lesson on 10 December, but the class was full. And so, I had to be shifted to 11 December. The venue of the workshop is near Still Road. I drove there, and had no issue finding the place. However, parking is not free, and I paid about $3 for my 3h of parking there. Do take note that the venue of the workshop is sort of in a hostel area. You will see some foreign students/workers around.

4 stars for this aspect.

Will you return?

In conclusion, I think there is really nothing much to complain about this deal. Good price, good lesson, no hard-selling etc. If I am interested in learning to bake other kind of things next time, this merchant will definitely be on the top of my list, provided that the price is not too steep.

4 stars for this aspect.


Some pictures I took…

This is the place I parked my car

The back of the building

The front of the building. You will enter the workshop room from here. The room is in the 1st storey.

Equipments and ingredients all prepared.

Ovens located a the back of the classroom


In the oven...

Final Product (box 1)

Final Product (box 2)


The Cook Club 
Blk 467A Admiralty Drive #04-181
Singapore 751467
Tel : 9833 5467
Website: www.thecookclub.com.sg
Click here for the Facebook page

PS: There is currently a muffin baking workshop deal by the same merchant offered at Outlet. Click HERE to check it out.

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16 responses on “I baked 32 Cupcakes with this deal! Shiok!

  1. benchmark says:

    A wonderful idea to shift to post-deal reviews. Some of us are more concerned about product quality and service standards instead of just price!

    However, you might want to consider reviewing things where there is a greater lasting value. Baking workshops are kinda one-off deals where the deals may not appear again, or the customers are unlikely to return to do it again.

    Food and drinks, hair styling and other service-oriented deals may be more interesting to your readers when it comes to post-deal reviews. Hope it helps. ;)

  2. hanneng says:

    I still prefer PRE deal reviews, because we need information to make decision. With your PRE deal reviews, complete with lots of research being done, one can decide to buy the deal quickly.

    It is good to have POST reviews to complement the PRE reviews.

  3. li heng says:

    ya! I definitely prefer post deal review. to me at least, im more concern with the quality of the deal rather than the price. If the quality is good, even if the price is abit higher, im willing to pay :)

  4. Hanxing says:

    I might not be really interested in post deals.. Pre-deals still pretty much work for me so I can decide when I should buy anot.

  5. Claudine Tan says:

    I think post & pre deal reviews are equally important.
    Pre reviews help buyers make an informed choice & post reviews
    will defintiely make buying decision easier when another similar deal comes up. I am sure most merchants (the ones who deliver their deals as promised) will appreciate having good post reviews to boost their business.
    Just an idea – instead of only relying on your own team members, you can consider recruiting “Secret Shoppers – SS” to try out the deals :-). In return for writing an comprehensivce review, the SS gets the deal for free!
    Keep up the good work ADL team!

  6. Mdm Nordin says:

    Great job ADL!

    I would really like to see more beauty deals bein posted here including whether those packages are worth it or not there!


  7. glenn says:

    Anyway, pre reviews, post reviews, im indifferent. what i really want to say is thank you to adl for providing this service to us for free. Really a unique site in my honest opinion. But i was really wondering how you guys make money…

  8. Jason says:

    Post review are better than nothing… :)

  9. Deve says:

    In my humble opinion, Post deal reviews are a nice addition to but NOT to replace the much needed & depended on Pre deal reviews for us to make wise buying decisions and grab good offers especially if the deals don’t last long (enough) or are being snapped up quickly before ADL has a chance to buy, redeem and try out the deal to write a balanced and comprehensive Post deal review. That said, Post deal reviews have its own place to establish merchants’ credibilty and reputation and serve as good reference points for us consumers in future as we all know that some of these deals do come back again some point in time. In short, why not do both Pre and Post deal reviews (not necessarily on the same deals) as I feel they complement each other and are certainly NOT mutually exclusive :-)

    • ADL says:

      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for all the comments and feedbacks! We would love to hear your opinions! :)

      ADL Team

  10. Sook yee says:

    Pls continue the pre review coz I always trust your recommendation before I buy any deal.

  11. jannie says:

    woah. so many people comment. must be all want the free vouchers :X

    For me, i would really like to thank ADL for providing this free service. Checking up on deals every single day is not an easy task whats more you guys are doing it for free. Thumbs up! And I am not commenting to win the free vouchers :)

  12. lorryone says:

    A great improvement on your reviews guys! Good way to engage in a 2 way since this is a sharing site. Keep it up!
    Krackerjack thumbs up!

  13. ADL says:

    Dear readers,

    Thanks for the comments and feedback, and congratulations to the 3 lucky readers:

    Li Heng

    who have won themselves a free Lemoncool voucher worth $5. We will contacting you guys via email shortly! :)

    ADL Team

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