Outlet.com.sg- S$190 Wake Boarding Deal??! (Edited)

25 April 2011, Comments: 2

Loyal readers of ADL, remember the last review done on Bigdeal’s wakeboarding discount? Time to refresh your memory here! Sadly to say, ADL still hasn’t got the chance to try out the sports yet, but thanks to our wakeboarding enthusiast friends, we are able to review this deal and offer you our most honest opinions…


  • $190 instead of $240, 21% off 2 Hours of Wakeboarding by Absolute 7 Watersports. Includes Boat Driver, Instructor, Gears & Free Ice Cold Mineral Water. Boat can Accommodate 7 Persons.
  • Price is for per boat
  • Insurance not included
  • 1 coupon for 2 hours of wakeboarding only
  • Maximum 7 persons on boat
  • Valid from 22 April to 22 July 2011

What ADL Team says:

Many Thanks to reader Randy for pointing out the mistake of our last review to us, we have edited the article and done a re-review for ADL fans. We apologize for the error as we had assumed the price to be per/pax in the earlier version. That is what we hope to achieve here too, to rely on community feedback to get the best review out as ADL’s review can only be 100%  perfect with you contributing :) We really appreciate it!

Anyway, If you have not yet clicked on the above link for a recap of the previous wakeboarding deal review, I will extract the relevant rates that we have gotten from wakeboarding instructors and enthusiasts in Singapore from the last review:

“the market rate for hiring such boats normally cost about S$90- S$120/hr (regardless of number of pax on boat), inclusive of  Boat driver, personalized dedicated hardworking handsome instructor (quite impossible to go to sea without somebody properly certified…) and of course all the equipments needed…”


ADL in action

For this deal, we are looking at something extra, Free Ice cold mineral water, exclusive location, no minimum qty before you can start and the maxing of 7 people on board and lastly the most important thing – this rate is PER BOAT unlike bigdeal previous deal which is per pax.

Knowing the extras stuff given in this deal, lets work out the rate. For this review, we take the higher tier of the market range:

Per Boat / Hour:
Market Rate : S$90-120
Outlet’s Deal : S$95  ( S$190 divided by 2)

Therefore, outlet deal is perfectly authentic and provide savings to many who are unable or unsure of where to get the market rates for wakeboarding.

Of course, the more people there are on the boat, the less time you get to wakeboard. Outlet’s deal for this aspect had capped the maximum people on board to 7 which is really great. We take the worst worst case scenario whereby there are 7 on board, squeezing together with you for a shot at wakeboarding:

$190/ 7 = $27.14 for 2 hour

Best Scenario, you get the whole big boat to yourself, fully maximising your 2 hours of personalized wakeboarding time:

$190 for 2 hour

You can then weight the payoff for yourself whether to go as a big group or to train personally. Given that you can get to wakeboard at such a scenic location (Marina Country Club) at a reasonable rate, what are you waiting for? Buy your coupon now :)

At ADL, we leak you read.

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2 responses on “Outlet.com.sg- S$190 Wake Boarding Deal??! (Edited)

  1. Randy says:

    The “one deal” can accommodate 7 people.. So, up to 7 people can accommodate 1 deal. ADL is reviewing this deal incorrectly. $190 should be divided by 7 people, which is $27/person. But considering most people might bring up to 5 people, we can say that $38/person.

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