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A little shout out to ADL readers here, act fast before you regret not getting this deal! We all know that sometimes it’s a pinch in the heart having to pay $11 for a movie ticket on a weekend. Now the chance is here, by paying for the same amount you get to purchase TWO movie tickets and still left with some change for some popcorn. Don’t hesitate no more, read on to find out more!

>>> SuperDeals by inSing.comWow, $4 Movie Tickets (Batch 4)! Pay $4, instead of $9 (weekday) or $11 (weekend), for any movie at GV cinemas.  <<<  


  • Strictly limited to ONE voucher per customer.
  • Customers who purchase more than ONE voucher will be refunded the cost of the voucher.
  • Vouchers are valid until 31 May 2013.
  • Voucher will be mailed to you within a month. Please ensure to fill in your correct mailing address on the BUY NOW page.
  • Vouchers are valid at all Golden Village cinemas in Singapore.
  • For one time use only.
  • Not valid for premium-priced films (eg. 3D films), special halls, film marathons or festivals.
  • Not valid for telephone, internet, AXS and iGV bookings.
  • The voucher does not guarantee seating.

Isn’t this really a WOW deal? Where can you find a $4 movie tickets nowadays?! Let’s do some research here and check out what’s the usual price for a ticket at Golden Village. For the benefits of those who do not know as well, there are several card discounts available at Golden Village as follows:

*Note: For the terms & conditions, kindly refer to Golden Village website HERE and click on the various card promotions!

A quick look at the table above, the cheapest ticket is for MOVIEMAX Members at $5.50 valid only for Wednesday.  By comparing this to what this deal is offering of $4 which is valid all day. This deal definitely wins it!


No matter how we look at it, $4 for a movie ticket is definitely a deal to get especially if you are a movie junkie! So what’s the catch here? Under the terms & conditions, it is mentioned that it is strictly limited to ONE voucher per customer. Thus if you plan to go with your friends or significant other, this deal might not be for you. HOWEVER, one tips for you here.. You can actually get your friends or significant other to purchase the ticket using another account. There you go, you have two tickets on hand now!

Next on the validity of the ticket, it is valid until 31 May 2013. Even though it is mentioned that voucher will be mailed to you only within a month, but you do have one full year to redeem the ticket! What more, you get to enjoy additional discounts on popcorn/drinks combos and hotdogs together with this deal!

More discount for you!

If you notice, this deal is not available yet (at time of posting). Thus you still have the chance to purchase this deal before it’s gone!

Note: This deal will be available anytime from 4pm to 5pm, 22/03/2012, and only 200 movie vouchers will be available! So act fast before it’s gone!

What movies are you anticipating this year? For me it’s definitely The Avengers which is available this May! How about you? Do share with us at the comment box below!

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2 responses on “Movie Deal Alert!!!

  1. Mr T says:

    How can I buy the movie tickets!!

    • ADL-Sherry says:

      Hi Mr T,

      Stay tuned to inSing.com from 4pm onwards because the deal may be release anytime!
      Hope you manage to get your ticket before it’s sold out! =)


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