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Don’t say we didn’t warn you here. You should read on what ADL’s have to say before clicking on that ‘Buy’ button for this deal. Why do we say that? Read on to find out more!

>>> Deal Society$25.90 for 1 LED Starry Sky Projector Digital Alarm Clock with Music (Worth $69.90) <<<


  • Valid till 30 April 2011
  • Free normal postage- Items will be mailed out to your stated delivery address between 1 to 2 weeks upon redemption
  • For registered postage, please add $5 per item
  • Strictly no self collection

The terms & conditions seem pretty straightforward here. However, before we begin researching on the price aspect, let’s talk a little about this deal site since it may be new to some.

Firstly, for this deal under the terms & conditions it is stated that the voucher is valid till 30 April 2011- did you manage to spot that mistake? As we wanted to clarify on this, however there is no phone number provided. This is unlike other deal site in which details of the merchant and phone number will be provided for any esquires. Well, this brings us to be a little skeptical about this deal site. That aside, we believe that the wrong year stated may just a human error. The correct date should be 30 April 2012.

Now moving on to the product, a LED Starry Sky Projector Digital Alarm Clock with Music? Haven we all seen this scene in the drama series before? Imagine you are lying down on your bed and facing upwards, with your arms crossed behind your head. And you have an open rooftop on top of you with a brightly lilted sky full of shiny stars. How magical.. How can we make it happen in real life too? Check out this video below:

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Some highlights of this product:

  • 10 background music selective
  • Blends the features of nightlight, projector & alarm clock together
  • Projects starry night light to the ceiling
  • Glows in beautiful rainbow colors at night in the dark, 3 basic colors including red, blue & green will transform from one to another and eventually, showing the magical colors of the starry sky.
  • Color changes continuously, attractive effect in the dark. Act as nightlight & can accompany you to soothing sleep.
  • 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Low power consumption, environmental friendly.

$25.90 for this LED starry sky + Digital alarm clock + Music sound pretty worth it isn’t it? Let’s get down to some real work here. While researching, we found out that there are two places selling similar kind of product. Gmarket & Ebay.

Price: S$13.50
Normal postage – FREE
Registered Mail – +S$2.50

Price: S$11.90
Shipping: FREE

Price: S$15.90
Shipping: +S$4.58

Let’s compare the prices we gathered and compared it with what this deal is offering you.

Price Comparison (click to view a larger image)

No matter how you look at the table above, the price you are getting at Deal Society is definitely higher than Gmarket and Ebay, with the highest difference of $19.00 from Ebay should you choose to opt for the registered mail.

Let’s compare the functions of the product offered, taking the one from Deal Society and Gmarket.

Functions of product comparison

Is your eyes playing a trick on you? What’s missing here? Basically nothing!! Both are actually the same product!


There you go, isn’t it two similar products with two different prices?!

Firstly as mentioned earlier, the year of the validity is stated wrongly. Should anything happen and they claim that the voucher is expired, who should we look for? Secondly, no contact details are provided along with the deal. And lastly, on the price aspect. We are able to find a similar product at a cheaper price. Need we say more? So is this deal a leaked deal or not?

Honestly a pretty cool gadgets to own!

Have a great weekend ahead!

At ADL, we leak, you read.

2 responses on “Two similar products with two different prices?!

  1. Scam says:

    Another leak….. But well Gmarket will take a month to deliver is it? Just as with my masks from Korea.

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