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When the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, I believed many of you ladies out there own a box full of accessories with no proper space to store them. Ever experience the frustrations of not being able to find your favourite necklace or earring that may be laying anywhere in your room? For the guys, read on for a surprise for your lady!

>>> JuzTodayOnly $15 instead of $37.95 for Little Black Dress Jewellery Organizer + FREE Delivery : Store & Exhibit All Your Precious Jewellery In Style! <<<


  • Redeem by 9 May 2012
  • No purchase limit; Buy multiple coupons as gifts!
  • For purchase of 1-2 Coupon, free delivery is via SingPost normal mail
  • For purchase of 3 Coupon and above, free delivery is via courier company (Ta Q Bin)
  • For purchase of 1-2 Coupons, registered mail is strongly recommended. Additional charge of $2.24 for registered mail option to be paid directly to MyFashionStory
  • Products will be mailed out within 2-4 weeks after receiving order confirmation

Now this is something really useful for you ladies here. The Little Black Dress Jewellery Organizer allow you to store and organize your jewellery, cosmetics, personal accessories and more with a stylish display. It may look like a dress but there’s more to it! The double sided organizer offers a total of 32 storage see through vinyl pockets and 18 hook/loop closures for you to store your accessories. You can fit it into any hanger easily and just hang it on your wardrobe like any other dress.  For such a good and useful product, is getting this deal worth it?

Stylish looking piece to store all your precious!

While researching more about this product, we found out that this product has been offered in several other deal sites before with the same price at $15 per piece and AllDealsAsia is currently having a similar deal with the same price HERE. So how much does it cost if you choose to get this product outside of this deal?

The original price of this product is at S$37.95 selling at Ultimate SelfCare, the company of the origin of this product in which AllDealsAsia is offering.

We went on and did a check with Gmarket and Ebay and found out that they are selling similar product as well. The prices are as follows:

Now comparing the three prices that we gathered, the cheapest we can find is from Gmarket. Yet this deal is offering you a chance to get this product at only $15! That’s a total of $18.95 savings you are getting! Since free delivery is available via normal mail for purchase of 1-2 coupon, we would suggest you opting for registered mail at $2.24 on top of the $15 to ensure that the delivery of your item is secured. Otherwise you can get your friends to purchase this item together as you get to enjoy free delivery right to your door step with purchase of 3 coupons or more.


For the ladies, if you have been looking for a space to store and organised your accessories, do consider getting this product from this deal before it ends as it definitely allow you to save a significant amount of money here.

For the guys, why not surprise your other half and get this item for her. You never know, you can save yourself from all the grumpiness and frustrations from your girl when she couldn’t find her favourite accessories. ;)

Do note that delivery will take 2-4 weeks after receiving of order confirmation. It seems pretty long, but good things are worth the wait isn’t it?

If you have been pondering on what’s the difference between what AllDealsAsia is offering and JuzToday, refer to the table below. : )

What do you think about this product? Do you think it’s useful? Do share with us on your opinions at the comment box below!

Check out the Little Black Dress jewellery organizer review HERE!

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8 responses on “Ladies this is for you!!!

  1. sj says:

    i brought it! and got it within a week! :D

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