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Although this occurred last year, we still felt a need to bring it up, especially since one of our own ADL team members had the unfortunate luck of experiencing it. Till today, he’s still grumbling about it! The deal was actually purchased on 21st October 2011, but the product only arrived on the second week of December. Our team member shares his thoughts on the deal below.

>>> TipIt$9.50 for USB Sports Car Mouse <<<



$9.50 for a sleek designed mouse seemed rather reasonable. I decided to purchase this as a Birthday gift for my friend of mine. Well, upon receiving the product, the box that was used for packaging was slightly crashed. So basically, I will not be able to give the mouse along with the box. As for the mouse itself, it was in brand new condition.

This is the box that was delivered to me

The bottom sides are slightly crushed. I would really prefer an undamaged box so that I can just wrapped it up nicely and pass it to my friend as his birthday gift.

The mouse is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap

Overall product

Out of 5 stars, I’ll give this 3.5 with regards to the price.

Quality of Product

The main function of a USB mouse is for it to function when it’s being connected to the computer. Well, it did function properly when I tested it, so I can’t fault it here. Design wise, it’s up to expectations as it is similar to the images from the website. However, the workmanship wasn’t up to par in my opinion. I could find visible stain and glue marks.

For this aspect, I’ll still give it 4 stars as it is still able to perform its primary purpose.

Terms & Conditions

Firstly, it states that redemption expires on 4th November 2011. It didn’t occur to be a problem for me as I emailed them immediately after receiving my voucher, which is on the 21st of October 2011.

Secondly, it states “Care will be taken to protect product during shipping, Icecreaminacup and Tip-It! is not liable for any defects.” Honestly, it didn’t seem like much care was taken. Nonetheless, I do understand that this does happens often and hence, won’t really fault anybody with respect to this.

Thirdly, it states that “Colors will be sent randomly but customers may inform merchant of preferred color during redemption and they will try to accommodate.” I requested for a red one and yes they did manage to accommodate to me, so thats good.

Lastly, they mentioned that “Delivery duration is approximately 4 weeks.” Obviously when I see this, my thought was that my product would be delivered by 4 weeks after 22nd October 2011 (I emailed the merchant on 21st October 2011, and got a reply from them on 22nd October 2011). In fact, having seen so many deals  as part of my job scope at ADL, I do notice that should delivery only be made after the deal ends, it will be stated under the Terms & Conditions of the deal.  Since this was not mentioned in the deal description, I naturally assumed that delivery will be made 4 weeks after confirmation from the merchant. Sadly, my assumption was wrong.

When I didn’t receive the product, I sent an email to them on 17th November asking if the product has already been sent out. To my horror, they replied the next day saying that it would only be sent out on the 24th of November. Apart from that, the lady told me that “Delivery is approximately 4 weeks from the date the deal ended actually as stated…”. According to what was being stated on the website, “Delivery duration is approximately 4 weeks.” It doesn’t in any where state that it will be delivered 4 weeks from the end date of the deal.

The terms and conditions stated had led me to misunderstand the true delivery date of this deal. To be fair, I think both the deal site and the merchant is at fault. A clearer clause saying that delivery is approximately 4 weeks after the deal ended will be better and consumers like me can then better plan ahead.

In my opinion, for deals under the Product category, the delivery date, and the quality of the end product received are the two most important things. Clearly, the delivery date aspect has failed me badly, making me not able to give this gift to my friend in time as his birthday present. Hence, I’ve decided to give 0.5 stars with regards to this aspect.

Redemption Process

Worst ever I faced?  Here are the full details of it. I emailed them on 21st October 2011 to redeem my voucher. I’ve got a reply the next day (22nd October 2011) stating that my order has been noted and I will be informed once it’s sent out. As mentioned above, I emailed to check the status on the 17th of November and they replied the next day stating that they will send it out the next Thursday on 24th of November.

On the 23rd of November, they emailed me stating “Could you please help to verify if you provided me with the correct address? Because I received a returned mail for your parcel.” Imagine the frustration I was already going through, so I simply replied them (on the same day, 23rd of November itself) with the address that I’ve given before (which is obviously correct).

The next email that I received from them was on 27th November. It was simply stating that they received a return mail and if I wanted to pay for a registered mail instead. I am 100% sure that I’ve given the correct mailing address, and was kind of losing patience and interest in receiving my product anymore. Hence,  I told them “Tomorrow marks a week since my friend birthday, so it’s really pointless for the gift already. I would prefer a refund. Thanks.”

This time they acknowledged the issue, but it was of no help at all. “I am afraid there is no refund allowed as stated in the deal and I am really surprised to receive the returned mail as well. Do let me know if you would like to opt for normal mail or registered mail this time round?”

That was the last straw for me and I told them, “Normal and if it doesn’t get through again, I’m making a report to CASE. Thanks.” Their reply was simply thanking me for by understanding and patience.

Miraculously, I finally received the product on the second week of December. I can’t recall the exact date because even when I received it, I was turned off. It didn’t meet the mark of 4 weeks after the deal was over… In all, it took them about 6.5 weeks to deliver the product. I’m utterly disappointed, and dissatisfied.

I’m sorry but I’ve got to give a 0.5 for this aspect. At least, I finally did receive my product.


All in all, the whole experience for this deal was really a bad one for me. I’m not going to fault anyone here, be it the deal site, the merchant or even Singapore Post. In fact, I may be at fault too as I could have enquired more about the delivery date for this deal before purchasing it. I would just take it in my stride that I am the rare unlucky one.

Here at ADL, our mission is to ensure that consumers will have a good pleasant experience when it comes to purchasing deal. We aim to achieve this by providing consumers with valuable insights and information from our pre deal review (ie, doing up the price check for each deal), and our post deal review. Through this post deal review, we hope that we have provided an important lesson to all of you reading this post deal review.

That is… in the future, when anyone of you are purchasing any deals that includes delivery, please enquire if the delivery will be made after the deal ends, or after confirmation from the merchant. Do take note! :)

Email: sales.icecreaminacup@gmail.com
Website: www.icecreaminacup.com

At ADL, we leak, you read.

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