Honjin Restaurant Dinner Buffet, Good Deal Bad Deal?

22 June 2011, Comments: 30

Wow, one buffet after another. Are you hearing our screams for more buffet deals, DEAL SITES? Today, we decided to review this exceptionally overwhelming Japanese ala carte buffet dinner deal at Honjin Restaurant. Guess what, it might not be as good a deal as what you expected…



So with Groupon’s website distorted and the restaurant hotline busy 24/7, where can you turn to for reviews for this super attractive buffet deal? Well, the answer is clear – right here at All Deals Leak! Be sure to subscribe on the right for our daily deal reviews!

Well we checked out the deal and surprisingly Honjin Restaurant only host dinner buffet from Monday to Saturday from 6 pm onwards till close. Lunch buffet is only available on Saturday. Both the prices for lunch and dinner are the same at S$40/++.

So this deal by Groupon is DEFINITELY authentic and of value if you have just stepped in for their buffet. Because with $20 you can get to enjoy this dinner buffet. However , drinks are not included in the $20 vouchers. It will be an additional $1.20 for tea.  So, many of you will ask how much do i have to pay exactly over there at Honjin?

$40 x 1.17 = $46.80

With the $20 for $40 Groupon, you need to pay $6.80 at the restaurant itself as the coupon doesn’t cover for GST and service charge. All in all, you pay $26.80 for the buffet. Really good deal, we must say. But these are just the extra $$$ we want you guys to know when using these coupons.

So are there any other leaks for this restaurant?

Well, the answer is Yes. The restaurant is currently having one for one buffet dinner promotion at S$40++ if you are using Citibank Credit card (terms and conditions applies). Yes 1 for 1!

Below are the links:

Using the Citibank 1 for 1 promotions, it will be $34++ for the first persona and $10++ for the second person.

Thus, in total the bill for two person will amount to
(34 x 1.17) + (10 x 1.17) = $51.48

The cost for one person will be 51.48 / 2 = $25.74 (which is cheaper than $26.80)

Of course, there are some restrictive terms and conditions for this promotion. For example, it is only valid from Monday to Friday, and for June 2011 only.

So, we have provided the analysis. Which is a better deal really depends on one’s preference :)

Restaurant review: Hungrygowhere
Restaurant Menu: Honjin Menu

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30 responses on “ Honjin Restaurant Dinner Buffet, Good Deal Bad Deal?

  1. observer says:

    To the 2-5 people that actually go to this website, we’d like to say something. please make your criticisms constructive, we don’t appreciate sarcasm. Singaporeans love a good deal but we can do without any sales or marketing cliches. Where do we want short, concise dot point analysis? Well, the answer is clear – right here at All Deals Leak!

    • ADL says:

      Hi Observer,

      Guess you have been observing our site.

      Well, we leave it to our readers to comment freely (we don’t delete comment…). The purpose is really to let consumers interact and voice out their opinions.

      Neverthless, Thanks for the recommendation! We are really touched :)

      Have a good day ahead!

      ADL team

  2. KUM XIA says:

    wah lao, ADL really power la! I cant get thru the line!

    • ADL says:

      Hi Kum Xia,

      You don’t have to kum xia us.

      We should kum xia you for visiting our site!

      Kum Xia!


      ADL team

    • ADL says:

      Hi Zen,

      Thanks for the link! We have updated our post accordingly!

      Have a good day ahead!

      ADL team

  3. Sook yee says:

    Well done zen, groupon kept deleting my posts on their wall on this deal leak.

  4. Cheated says:

    i feel so cheated……….. i have 2 citibank credit cards :(

  5. Sook yee says:

    Hi cheated, u can always cancel your groupon voucher b4 the deal end. :)
    Anyway citibank offer only valid in June.

  6. Cheated says:

    Hi sook yee

    Really? How do I go about refunding?? Is it even possible? Well I wanna eat it this weekend..

  7. Sook yee says:

    Hi cheated, groupon should have sent u email on order has been received, in the email has cancellation instruction, just follow it.

  8. Cheated says:

    Ok thanks sook yee for your prompt response! Will do so tomorrow!

  9. Sook yee says:

    Must be b4 the deal end, if deal end tonight then u cannot cancel tml.

    • ADL says:

      Hi all,

      I Believe groupon has refund policies even if after deal ends. Of course,valid reasons must be given.

      ADL Team

  10. Dingdong says:

    Is the buffet menu gonna be the same as the restaurant menu?!

    • ADL says:

      Hi Dingdong,

      Honestly, we do not know at the moment yet. If it is, I regret not buying more. The menu looks good. Anybody knows at the moment?

      ADL team

  11. TAM says:

    anybody redeemed already??? I am really curious to know about the menu issues. pls update here if u have gone for it

    many thanks!

  12. heckler says:

    Hi Tam

    My friend went yesterday, the menu is a different one. limited items and a top up of $8++ per people if you want shabu shabu in the buffet.

    • TAM says:

      hi heckler,
      thanks for sharing! super limited items? and how did your fren manage to book at all? me and my frens couldnt manage to call thru the line at all!

      u guys walk in?

  13. Heckler says:

    Hi Tim,

    Like for sushi, there are only 3 types you can select, same for sashimi. You still get a fair share of normal range of japaness food from the buffet menu like tempura, chawamushi, fried chicken… Do check it out and for the special price it is still pretty ok. I wont go if it is at the normal price.

    For calling, you just have to keep trying. :-)

    Do give us some review if you have went and tried out the food.

    • ADL says:

      Hi Heckler

      Thanks for sharing! :) It would be great if you could share it with us at ADL Forum as well!!

      ADL Team

  14. Ezee_gator says:

    I called honjin to ask about the citibank promo..they replied sat dinner is available too and citibank’s website indicates the promo until July. Anyone can verify which is correct?

  15. Ezee_gator says:

    Hi ADL, Honjin replied me that citibank 1-for-1 is avail for sat dinner as well when I called up to ask..

    • ADL says:

      Hi Ezee Gator,

      Wow ok that’s cool. Will update it in the forum as well! thanks for the info Ezee :)

      ADL Team

  16. Zai says:

    Now has the restaurant closed down before 5 months??? It’s simply a scam! Can we get the money back from groupon?

    • ADL says:

      Hi Zai,

      We are deeply sorry to hear about your situation.

      As you might have notice, this deal review was written about 6 months ago. At that point of time, when we are writing this deal review, the restaurant is still in operation.

      Now that this restaurant has closed down, we do believe that Groupon will issue you a refund. Should you face any difficulties in getting your refund, perhaps you could let us know. We will do all we can to help :)

      ADL team

  17. Charmaine says:

    I share Zai’s sentiments.

    I tried making a booking back in February, and only found out that the landline went straight to the dialtone, while the mobile was always switched off and that “the Singtel user is not available”. The Groupon voucher I bought was in September, and valid for 6 months. Their website under stated that they’re undergoing renovation and will be open in Jan2012. Groupon assured me that the restaurant was simply undergoing renovations at their new outlet, which would be ready by early March. Where’s the logic in this?

    I asked Groupon in February whether they’re handling refunds, and they said yes, for customers who request for it. But it doesn’t make sense – if the company cannot follow-up on their stated T&Cs, then why isn’t Groupon going through their database of purchasers (which I’m quite sure they’ll have, if they’re run as any semblance of a business) and calling them up to initiate the refunds? The lady said, it’s because some purchasers did manage to go to the restaurant already, and that since the restaurant will be open in early March, people can choose to visit the restaurant before March ends. I hung up the phone, slightly appeased, thinking that I could make an appointment for late March.

    It’s already 26th February, and the phone lines are still not going through, and I’ve yet to hear from Groupon, nor did I get a reply from the email I sent to the address provided on the website: I’m intending to call Groupon up tomorrow.

    This cannot go on, and I’m very disappointed with this service offered.

    • ADL says:

      Hi Charmaine,

      Please do try to send them another email as to our knowledge they normally process refunds rather fast :)

      Did you manage to redeem the coupons till date btw?

      ADL Team

      • Charmaine says:

        Hi ADL Team,

        No, I didn’t manage to redeem the coupons till date. Honjin Restaurant is still undergoing renovations after so many months – one can’t help but wonder what’s going on.

        I called Groupon up yesterday, and they said they’d do a refund for me. What I’m annoyed about, is that (A) no one from the restaurant replied my email, neither did they have a working phoneline to have someone explain what’s happening, (B) that Groupon, upon knowing that the restaurant is not open and cannot fulfil the terms of the deal, didn’t immediately refund those who bought the deal, but instead, had to wait for purchasers to call them to demand for a refund, and (C) that no explanation was offered to the customers for the retraction of this deal.

        The lady I spoke to yesterday said that they did send out an email to purchasers of that deal – but I never received it, and it wouldn’t have gone to my junk email, cos’ I’m a regular subscriber to Groupon and the daily deals do arrive promptly in my email.

        Even if they did send it out, and even if it did get re-routed to my junk folder, they clearly have contacts of those who bought the deal, and our details to process a refund (she didn’t have to ask me for my account details to process it) – I feel that they should have done it once they ascertained that the resturant was not fulfilling the terms, instead of placing the onus on us to call and request for it. We have a right to a refund, why are we made to ask for it?

        Thanks for getting in touch though, ADL. I appreciate your fast response, and wish Groupon would have done the same.


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