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Fresh food doesn’t come cheap, or do they? How much are you willing to pay for freshness? Today’s deal is about the price of freshness! What exactly are we getting at here? Hmm…

>>> SuperDeals by inSing.com - $19.90 for Freshness Burger Fresh Experience Card <<<


  • Voucher valid till 31 Mar 2012. Redemption starts from 7 Mar 2012.
  • Validity of card: Till 30 Apr 2012.
  • Voucher valid for:
    • 1 Classic Cheese Burger, 1 Bacon Omelet Burger, 1 Chicken Katsu Burger
    • 1 French Fries (Standard), 1 Chicken Nuggets (Standard), 1 Avocado Salad (Standard)
    • 1 Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea (Grande), 1 Pineapple Soda (Grande), 1 Cold Brew Organic Coffee (Short)
    • Both Dine-In and Take-away
    • Inclusive of GST
  • Unlimited voucher purchase and redemption per customer.

This deal gives you the opportunity to purchase a Fresh Experience Card which entitles you to 3 Freshness burgers, 3 drinks and 3 side dishes at a price of $19.90. It’s $19.90 a good bargain? Let’s take a closer look!

Before going through the terms and conditions, do take note that you are purchasing a card. This means that after receiving the coupon, you’ll need to redeem the card before heading to the outlet for collection of your burgers, drinks and side dishes. Redemption for the card only begins on 7th March 2012 and lasts till 31st March 2012. In other words, you have 3 weeks to redeem the card. However, the good thing about redemption of the card is that it is at the outlet of your choice. There are only 2 participating outlets, Central Mall and Causeway Point. Please take note that this deal isn’t available at NEX as the NEX outlet has closed down. Please also be informed that you’ll need to select your preferred outlet during the BUY NOW process.

Upon redemption of the card, the validity of it is till 30th April 2012, providing you with at least 1.5 months to use it. If you’re huge fan of Freshness Burger, then you’ll be glad to know that you can can purchase unlimited vouchers!


The only way of identifying if the deal is worthwhile is by comparing it against the usual price. Hence,  let’s do some calculations…

Classic Cheese Burger

Bacon Omelet Burger

Chicken Katsu Burger

French Fries, Chicken Nuggets & Avocado Salad

Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea, Pineapple Soda & Cold Brew Organic Coffee

This menu is taken from Freshness Burger Singapore Facebook page and is correct as of 15 Nov 2011

As this deal only entails one to certain burgers, sides and drinks, we have summarized the original price of the items valid for this deal in the table below. Once again, do note that these prices are again taken from the menu at Freshness Burger Singapore Facebook page.

In total, everything will add up to $34.10 as stated in the deal. This means that you can actually save $34.10 – $19.90 = $14.20. That’s an awfully reasonable amount of money.

Of course our above calculations are based on each item ala carte price, and it may not be a good representation of the amount of savings involved for this deal. Technically speaking, this deal entails one to a total of 3 set meals with 1 set meal having 1 burger, 1 drink, and 1 side dish. Since the price of this deal is $19.90, should we divide it by 3, the total price of 1 set meal will be $6.60. This price of $6.60 for 1 set meal should be the price that we should look at.

ADL did our research and we found out that currently, Freshness burger are having several promotions. However, the most relevant one to this deal will be the $2 off total meal promotion. This promotion entails one to $2 off total price should one order a burger with a side order and a drink. Hence, the question is whether by making use of this promotion instead of this deal, will one gets to enjoy more savings?

As seen clearly from the above table, the most expensive set meal will be a Classic Cheese Burger ($6.90) with a Chicken Nuggets/Avocado Salad ($3.50) and a Pineapple Soda ($3.80). This set meal will cost $14.20 in total. Using the $2 off promotion, one will have to pay a total of $12.20.  However, for this deal, it is only $6.60.

The cheapest set meal will be a Bacon Omelet Burger ($3.50) with French Fries ($2.80) and a Cold Brew Organic Coffee ($2.70). This set meal will cost $9 in total. Using the $2 off promotion, one will have to pay a total of $9. However, for this deal, it is only $6.60.

Hence, we do believe that this deal is truly worth the money. Even with the current $2 off total price promotion, one is still not able to have a lower price for 1 set meal as compared the price of $6.60 (for 1 set meal) for this deal ($19.90 for 3 set meals). Another thing we like about this deal is that there is no validity restrictions for redemption. One can redeem it anytime anyday!

The only thing we can really pinpoint on this deal is that it is only valid in Woodlands and the other in Clark Quay. We would of course prefer outlets that are more centralised or in town for instance. Nonethless, Woodlands and Clarke Quay are both accessible via MRT and hence, transportation to these outlets should be of no issue.

As for the quality of Freshness Burger, some of us at ADL has tried Freshness Burger before and according to them, there is only one word to describe – AWESOME. The burger is soft, and is totally different from the usual Mcdonald or KFC kind of burger. Instead, it is more towards the MOS burger kind of burgers, but with twice the tastiness. However, one bad thing about Freshness Burger is that the portion is a bit small, and most likely, if you are a male you will not find 1 set meal filling at all.

For more opinion about the quality of Freshness Burger, check out the reviews from HungryGoWhere for Central Mall and Causeway Point.

So what do you guys think? Have you tried Freshness Burger before? Any particular recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below!

Central Mall
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-30 S(059817)
Daily: 8am – 10pm
No collection of Fresh Experience Card: 12pm – 2pm
Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, #01-38/39 S(738099)
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Facebook Fan Club

At ADL, we leak, you read.

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