The Truth Revealed: $28 massage & facial deal

16 January 2012, Comments: 1

Once in awhile, we should learn to pamper ourselves and simply relax. Perhaps one of the best forms of relaxation is through massage and facial services. This is what one of ADL team member decided to do! He purchased a beauty deal from GrouponBeeconomic in September and redeemed it in December last year. Check out this post deal review done by him!

>>> GrouponBeeconomic$28 for 60 min Swedish Full Body Massage + 60 min Facial and $33 with Additional Luxury Treatments at Tania Image <<<


I decided to go for the $33 option. I felt that $28 for an hour of massage is already considered cheap in Singapore. So with another hour worth of facial treatments, I felt that it was rather value for money. I decided to top up an additional $5 for the ear candling option as well because I don’t think you can find a more affordable offer here in Singapore. In all, everything lasted for 2 hours plus, which I felt was worth the amount I spent!

Out of 5 stars, I will give a rating of 4 stars with regards to the price.


I felt that the location is splendid! It’s situated at Bukit Gombak MRT station. This means that once you exit from the gantry, you will be able to see the shop on the right hand side. It’s probably just 15 steps away from the gantry? I feel that it’s super accessible especially for people living in the West area.

Hands down, 5 stars for location wise!

It's located within the MRT station!

Terms & Conditions

Well, the good thing about this deal is that you do not need to decide on your choice of the facial options and additional luxury treatments when you click “Buy”. You can make your decision when you go for the service and seek more information first. Secondly, the deal states that the voucher is valid for 6 months. As I purchased the deal in September and only went in December, it was 3 months away and still within the validity period. Hence, there was no issue on that. The downside of it is that sometimes slots are taken up fast, so it is recommended to make an appointment at least 2 weeks before your preferred date. The terms also state that it’s valid only for first time customers who are 21 years old and above. I didn’t have any problems with that as I met the criteria. In all, I would say that the terms aren’t extremely restrictive and I believe that it’s rather consumer friendly.

4 stars for this aspect.

Merchant Quality

I believe that the most important aspect of such treatments is the quality of the service. I’m sure many Singaporeans will feel the same way. So here’s a more detailed elaboration on what I personally feel. Please do take note that I’m not someone who frequents massages or facial services, so I might not be able to use the most accurate terms for certain treatments.

Firstly, the Swedish massage is not full body. It is actually only for your upper body. I was quite surprised when the lady masseur informed me. This is something that I felt should be stated on the website. Please do forgive me if all Swedish massages work this way though as I’m not very knowledgeable about massages.

Before the lady started the actual massage, she placed these hot pebbles on my back and asked me to rest for about 15 minutes before commencing. There was no clock and I didn’t have my watch on, but I felt that the 15 minutes were included in the 60 minutes.

After that, when the masseur returned, she would try to suggest using a certain type of aromatherapy oil before starting the massage. Thankfully, I asked if there are any additional charges and she said yes. I decided to stick with their normal oil to avoid the charges. Overall, the massage was alright, but definitely not comparable to those in Batam and Bangkok.

After the massage, she asked which additional treatment I preferred and I told her ear candling. It was much better than another place my friend brought me to before. Hence, I have no complains with regards to it.

The facial treatment was up next. Initially I wanted to take the acne option, but she suggested the diamond peel option to me instead. It was one painful experience for me and I’ll probably avoid going for any facial treatments in future. Honestly, I do not blame the lady; I think facials are simply meant to be painful. She did tell me to inform her if it gets too painful. However, whenever I do inform her, it doesn’t get any better. I do appreciate her patience though as it was a long and tedious process.

At the end of the facial treatment, she told me that my face was pretty red, but it was normal. Once again, she suggested this Aloe Vera cream to me, but I politely declined.

So after enduring a pretty average massage, decent ear candling treatment and painful facial treatment, I thought everything was over. She invited me to sit for a cup of tea (which tasted pretty nice) and started recommending to me the various packages that they offer. It reached a point where it felt pretty pushy, but I remained firm and choose not to sign up. This concluded my experience with Tania Image.

I would rate this aspect a 3.

Will You Return?

I would return only if there is another deal available for non-first time customers. However, I’ll definitely try to avoid the facial treatment even if it’s free!

3.5 stars for this aspect.


Tania Image
802 Bukit Batok West Ave 5,
Bukit Gombak MRT Station #01-15 S(659083)
Tel: 6569 7067 or 6425 6695

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One response on “The Truth Revealed: $28 massage & facial deal

  1. mishi says:

    I got my hair rebonded at hi salon woodland s for $ 98 it was already a bad experience..after 1 wash only it became normal + then with bill salon gave me a voucher for TANIA IMAGE BUKIT BATOK wort $68,after my work i went at 7:30 pm bcoz she was only considering the voucher for weekday appointment ,then i entered she checked the voucher and asked me to lay down on facial bed , she just cleaned my face with wetwipe and said its done.and she forced me to sign the bill also .ohh god it was just a cheat salon both hi salon and tania image are worst salon in Singapore.

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