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Buffets are extremely common in Singapore. Perhaps it’s because one of Singaporeans favourite pastime is eating! This goes the same for one of our ADL members who recently purchased and redeemed this deal. He bought the deal on 9th January 2012 and redeemed it on 14th January 2012, the very same week! Here’s what he has to share with us.

>>> StreetDeal$12.50 for Eat-All-You-Can Hotpot Buffet at Changi Village <<<



Honestly, the 100 plus variety and free flow of cocktail caught my attention. However, I was quite disappointed once I saw the selection. Firstly, the cocktail is definitely non-alcoholic, it’s basically just those cheap fruit cocktails from cans. The website was totally misleading in that sense. Secondly, the variety wasn’t that fantastic. There were maybe about 10 fresh meats? The rest was basically vegetables, sausages, fish balls and other frozen food which can be found in supermarkets. It was basically the type of deal that is “quantity over quality”. Hence, I didn’t really feel that $12.50 was truly worth the money. Nonetheless, this is still cheaper than the original price of the buffet which was $16.80 for an adult. 

Original buffet prices

Out of 5 stars, I’ll rate this aspect 3 stars.


As I live in the west side, the east area is basically foreign to me. This mini stall is directly opposite the popular Changi Village food centre. However, it seems rather difficulty to access. If you live around the area or drive, then it might be more convenient. I didn’t notice any bus stops around either. Hence, it might be quite a hassle to get here via public transportation.

Stall front of the restaurant

2.5 stars for this.

Merchant Quality

The first time I called to make a booking on the 13th January 2012, the lady was rather helpful. However, I had to shift it to the 14th January 2012 due to some other commitments. The lady did allow me to cancel, but insist that the place was fully booked on Saturday. I was rather skeptical about that since the stall was open till 1am daily. Hence, I told the lady that it wasn’t possible for the place to be reserved all the way till 1am. After checking it out with her boss, she told me that I could come between 9pm to 10pm. In my opinion, I felt that they probably just didn’t want to entertain much StreetDeal customers over the weekends so that they still have the capacity to entertain and  earn from the full paying customers. But then again, this is just my thought.

My friends and I decided to try our luck around 8.30pm. We were rather surprised when we found the place as it was relatively small. It’s quite similar to those steamboat places that you can find in bugis, but much smaller. There are about only 15 tables in all. Just like I thought, the place wasn’t full at all. In fact, there were more than 1 unoccupied table throughout the entire night. Each table is rather small even for 4 people and we ended up having to squeeze.

Small table area

The only positive thing that I can think of about the merchant was that they allowed us to top up $2.90/pax for the difference as I actually purchased the $9.60 children/senior citizen coupons by mistake. Aside from that, their service was relatively alright.

I’ll have to give 3 stars for this aspect too.

Terms & Conditions

Thankfully, I was allowed to top up the difference or I would have ended up wasting 4 vouchers worth $9.60 each. The only issue was the reservation thing over the weekends. I thought that it was pretty absurd from them to say that from evening all the way to 1am there are totally no vacancies. Even for famous restaurants, that might not be the case. Of course as mentioned above, I do understand that as coupons buyers (paying a cheaper price), the merchant may not wish to entertain us on weekends (which tend to be more crowded), so that they still have the capacity to entertain and earn from full paying patrons. If that is really the case, they could have included a “not valid on weekends” clause under their terms and conditions in the first place.

By saying that I am not able to redeem my deal on a weekend (which I am entitled to) due to full booking on that day (which is really not the case upon visiting the place),  I felt insulted and cheated. To put it badly, they are being dishonest,  which is something that I really dislike.

As I’m not a fan of dishonest merchants, I’ll give a rating of 1 for this.

Will you return?

No. Firstly, it is pretty out of the way for someone like me who lives in the west. Secondly, as mentioned previously, I do not tolerate dishonest merchants. So… Sorry, I won’t be going back…

I’m going for 0.5 starts for this aspect.


Some other pictures I took…


In conclusion, I am giving an overall average of 2.5 stars for this deal. A really average deal I must say. My advice to those who have bought this deal is this. Keep your expectation low :)

Also, for those who have bought this deal but not redeemed it, when making your reservation, if you are told that you can’t redeem your deal on a weekend as bookings are full, try to be a little more persistent like what I did.

Steamboat Buffet
Blk 1 Changi Village #01-2046
Singapore 500001
Tel: 6746 3260
Weekdays: 5.30pm- 1 am
Weekends: 2pm- 1 am

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    oh my i didn’t know it is at a food court… thanks for the review..

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