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The French preferred breakfast choice always include a variety of bread. Today, we are going to explore a popular French cafe in Singapore that’s offering a knockdown price for their bread. Which cafe is this?

>>> GrouponBeeconomic$3.60 for One Delifrance Chicken D’light or Tuna D’licious Sandwich <<<


  • Choose between 2 options (select at payment page):
    • One Chicken D’light or Tuna D’licious Sandwich
    • Two Chicken D’light or Tuna D’licious Sandwiches
  • Valid till 30 April 2012.
  • Available at 13 outlets
    • Clifford Centre: 02-19
    • Changi General Hospital: 01-04
    • Gateway West: B1-01
    • Holland Village MRT Station: B1-03
    • IMM Building: 01-K30
    • Jurong Point Shopping Centre: 01-32
    • Lot One Shoppers Mall: 03-K14A
    • Mount Elizabeth Hospital: Block B Level 2
    • OUB Centre: B1-03C
    • Parkway East Hospital: Level 1
    • Raffles City Shopping Centre: B1-81
    • Singapore Post Centre: 01-03
    • United Square: 01-K8

ONLY $3.60 for a sandwich at Delifrance? Now that’s extremely rare to find! So is this deal for real? Or will it be another fake $0.99 cheeseburger?! (in case you didn’t know theres a fake voucher circulating on Facebook yesterday, about McDonald’s cheeseburger costing only $0.99 should one present the voucher)

Firstly, do take note that you’ll have a choice of either 1 or 2 sandwiches. For one, it will cost you $3.60 and two will cost you $6.80. This choice has to be made on the payment page. Secondly, the last day for redemption is on 30 April 2012. This means that from now till then, you’ll have approximately 2 months to redeem your sandwich. Lastly, the sandwich is redeemable at 13 different outlets islandwide! Hence, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying in the North, South, East, West or Central. There is definitely an outlet for everyone!

Choice of either Chicken D'light

or Tuna D'licious


As mentioned, it is rare to find opportunities like this where a sandwich from Delifrance only cost $3.60! We wanted to make sure of this, so we made a call to the IMM outlet. Indeed, the usual price is $6.50 for the sandwich alone. This means that you’ll get to save $6.50 – $3.60 = $2.90 for 1 sandwich and ($6.50 * 2) – $6.80 = $13 – $6.80 = $6.20 for 2 sandwiches.

Just to make sure, we decided to check their website for ongoing promotions. Here are some of the current promotions:

Weekday Set Meals (Promotion only at Jurong Point and IMM)

There is a set meal every Tuesday for the Chicken D’light and every Friday for the Tuna D’licious. All sets are inclusive of Soup of the Day and a drink. However, these sets will cost you $7.80. If you think about it, it still isn’t as affordable as the Groupon deal. You could probably get a cheaper drink elsewhere too right?

Student Meals (Promotion only at selected stores)

Then, there’s the student meal at only $5.90 inclusive of a drink. However, it is only stated as a “chicken” sandwich, so we highly doubt that it is exactly the same as the Chicken D’light. Nonetheless, the Groupon deal still provides you with the most affordable rate available so far.

Delifrance since 1985...

All in all, with huge savings, good terms & conditions, and good merchant (its Delifrance!) we’ve decided to rate this deal 5 stars! If you are interested in this deal, what are you waiting for?! Close to 10000 coupons has been sold already! Be fast!

For those who’ve tasted either the Chicken D’light or Tuna D’licious sandwich before, what are you opinions? Let us know your reviews in the comment section below!

Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd

At ADL, we leak, you read.

3 responses on “Bon Appétit

  1. A says:

    Whether its $3.60 or $7.80, I’d rather pay more @ Quiznos OR Subway OR any other shops but Delifrance. Their bread is atrociously tough and un-fresh (if there is such a word).

  2. eliza says:

    omg. is it so bad? make me feel a bit regret buying 2 coupons :(

  3. Sara says:

    I bought deal as well, for $3plus i guess it was pretty worth it.. But to be honest i prefer subway’s tuna more! Worth a try, but i wouldnt buy more than 1 for myself..

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