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Well… We’ve heard before Japanese Buffet, Korean Buffet, International Buffet etc etc. Have you heard before Chinese Buffet?! What if I told you that this Chinese Buffet includes shark’s fin soup, crab and lobster?! Will you be interested?! If you are, check out this deal now!

>>> GrouponBeeconomic - $22.80 for Chinese Ala Carte Buffet for 1 pax at Chui Xiang Kitchen in Changi (Worth $50) <<<


  • Highlights
    • Grand spread of Chinese cuisine with over 50 kinds of dishes
    • Signature Chinese dishes such as Cabbage Chicken Claypot and Lobster Porridge
    • Homely settings
    • Great for family gatherings
    • Limited Groupons available
  • Fixed dishes that are valid for one-time order only include:
    • Live Lobster Porridge (Half lobster per pax)
    • Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat
    • Chilli Sri Lanka Crab
    • Steamed Sliced Red Garoupa with Black Sauce
    • Cabbage Chicken Claypot
    • Limit 2 Chilli Crabs for 2 to 7 pax, maximum 3 crabs for 8 pax and above.
  • Valid till 22 February 2012. Unlimited Groupons per person, may buy multiple as gifts.Reservation required.
  • Minimum 2 pax per visit.
  • Valid for dine-in only.
  • Valid for lunch and dinner from Mon to Fri (11am-2.30pm, 5pm-10.30pm), and lunch only on Sat and Sun.
  • Not valid on 16-29 Jan 2012.
  • Not valid for dinner on PH. Not valid with other promotions and discounts.
  • Call 6214 9916 for reservation.
  • Groupon printout MUST be presented.
  • Groupon excludes GST.

Chui Xiang Kitchen is previously located at 13 Teck Chye Terrance (Lim Tua Tow Food Street). If you’ve patronise them before, you will probably know that they are famous for their cabbage chicken. Of course they do have other signature dishes too! Recently, they  just shifted to the Changi outlet which is located at Changi Village.

This deal seems pretty clear cut at first look. $22.80 for a chinese ala carte buffet at Chui Xiang Kitchen. 50+ dishes plus some one time dishes (mentioned above). In fact, at first look, this deal seems like a pretty attractive one!

Of course, to determine the real attractiveness of this deal, we will need to know the original price for this deal. I called up the restaurant, and came to realise that in actual fact, Chui Xiang Kitchen does not offer any buffet originally. This buffet deal is just a promotion they have with Groupon. Meaning to say, if you did not buy this deal and you walk in to Chui Xiang Kitchen, you are not able to enjoy any buffet. Hence, we are really not so sure how did the original price of the $50 came about. Also, since Chui Xiang Kitchen does not have any website, we are also not able to obtain the full menu of the 50 items available in this buffet. The only information I was told is that for the 5 one time dishes (excluding the crab), they will be served to you all at once after you ordered them.


At $22.80 with over 50+ dishes, and those fixed dishes (which are really good stuff), even without knowing the original price, we can safely say that this deal is a valuable one. We also confirmed that there is currently no other ongoing promotion at the restaurant itself.

However, we feel that there are certain points that you should be aware of. Firstly, since we are not able to obtain the exact menu of the 50 items, one must have some mental preparation that the 50 items may be rather normal dishes that are not really that attractive. Secondly, for the one time dishes, they may come out to be super small portion.Thirdly, do note that the shark fin soup is with crab meat. Our guess is that it is not really those authentic shark fin soup with real shark fin.

While looking up on this deal, we found a few bloggers blogging about Chui Xiang Kitchen. There seems to be a mix of opinion, and we really are not sure who to believe. You may like to check them out below.

Click HERE and HERE for the two bloggers reviews
Click HERE for HungryGoWhere review
Click HERE for ieatishootipost review

In addition, some terms and conditions for this deal are also rather unappealing. For instance, a minimum of two person is required per visit. Those lone ranger, please take note. Also, this deal is not valid on weekend nights. This can be a turnoff for families and friends as weekend nights are normally the time people gather together to enjoy a good dinner. As mentioned above, coupons for this deal is valid till 22 February 2012. However, the coupons are not valid on 16-29 January 2012. As such, the validity period for this deal is in fact rather short (since now is already almost the start of december…)

In conclusion, whether or not you should try this deal out, it’s really up to you. At $22.80 for a buffet, the price is actually very reasonable. However, if you are risk adverse and are very concerned about the 3 points we mentioned above, you may like to give this deal a miss.

Anyone who had patronise this restaurant before, feel free to just share with us your valuable experience below. Considering the fact that information about this buffet is rather limited, I’m sure all of us will definitely benefit from any comments or thoughts that can aid us in deciding whether to buy this deal :)

Note: The most convenient way to visit the restaurant is by bus. The nearest busstop to the restaurant is bus stop number 99041. The buses available are 2, 9, 19, 59, 89, 109.

Chui Xiang Kitchen
Blk 5 Changi Village, 01-2001
Singapore 500005
Click HERE for their facebook


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4 responses on “Shark’s Fin Soup, Crab, Lobster and More!

    • ADL says:

      Hi mel!

      Thanks for letting us know of the menu. With the menu, all our readers will definitely be more able to decide if they should buy this deal.


      ADL team

  1. yc says:

    i saw a comment on chui xiang facebook

    Dont ever tried their ala-carte buffet… their first priority is the all full priced paying guest before you are serve with your food…. for around 8 dishes … total time spend there is 3 hours… just to wait and wait with only less than 10 tables … worse than having wedding dinner…. poor service… all staff clearing tables and not serving guest…. a few table is also kind of frustrated with the service and attitude…

  2. yc says:

    i added on my own comments as well..

    he is right..but anyway its not really about the 22.80 to compare with those lobster or crab… if u want promotion.. service.. quality should be the same as no promotion as well… what for having promotion.. and it disappoint customers.. and they will not return anymore?
    comments are important.. if u want improvement.. i would nt say that all dishes cmi.. i like the cabbage chicken.. crab.. salad and cereal prawns.. broccoli with oyster mushroom …Slice Duck with Monglian Sauce..Beancurd With Golden Mushroom (mushroom too little..)
    Steamed Slice LIVE Red Garoupa With Black Sauce (taste good..bones part deep fried v nice.. but too few slices)

    the lobster porridge..the soup taste rather salty.. Pork Ribs With Mongolian Sauce ..soso only..

    ordered mantou together with crab.. but it did not came with it.. they forgot that order… but 4 tiny pieces of mantou.. served only 30+mins later..

    prawn paste chicken ok.. Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf overcooked.. tasteless mayb due to boiling over water 1st.. not the usual type i ate.. lastly..should allow customer to remove prickles without charging them.. not all people eat that.. i had enough.. but still plenty leftover.. such a waste.. but no choice as i came for buffet. not pickles.. we came at around 8++pm.. if earlier.. i could have tested out more dishes..

    anyway to add on… the shark fin soup.. its only a small bowl.. half filled only…

    overall quality compared to non buffet orders and what people had tried.. its rather different..

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