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Tired of staying on land all the time? Especially on this small country of ours?! We feel the same way too! Which is why, today, ADL is going to review a cruise deal for you, whereby you will get to experience both life on sea, and life on land. In particularly, we are talking about Phuket and Krabi! At only $399 nett per pax for a 4D3N trip, should you buy this deal?! Let ADL examine this deal for you!

>>>DealExclusive HOT DEAL! 51% Off For 4D3N Penang/Phuket/Krabi Cruise Onboard SuperStar Libra! Includes Passenger Handling Charge And Fuel Surcharge of $87 Per Person. Only $399 NETT Instead of $807 Per Person (Minimum 2 Pax)<<<


  • 51% Off for 4D3N Penang/Phuket/Krabi Cruise onboard SuperStar Libra! Includes Passenger Handling Charge And Fuel Surcharge of $87 per person
  • Option to top up $18 per person to be upgraded to BB or BA cabins
  • Buy 1 voucher for 1 person (Minimum 2 vouchers)
  • 3N cruise (Based on Run-Of-House between Window Stateroom – CD to CB cabins)
  • Departure from Penang on Sunday 1700hrs  (Singapore Time) to Phuket and Krabi Thailand
  • Redemption is STRICTLY by 21 Oct 2011
  • Voucher is valid for: 2, 9, 16, 30 Oct 2011
  • Based on Run-of-House between Window Stateroom – CD to CB cabins
  • Infant (below 2 years old) pays 25% of twin sharing normal fare – applicable only upon 2 full paying passengers
  • Offer is applicable for Singaporean, Permanent Resident (PRs), Work Permit & Employment PassHolder only
  • Offer is not applicable to group booking

At first sight, this seems like a very attractive deal. Anyone who’ve gone for a cruise before will know that the price of $399 per pax is indeed very cheap. To further verify this point, let’s do some price comparison for you below.

Since a  minium purchase of 2 person is required, the total effective price one must pay will be $798 ($399 x 2). At this price, a couple will enjoy a 4D3N cruise onboard SuperStar Libra. The ship will depart at Penang, and travel to Phuket, Krabi, and then back to Penang. The couple will be staying on CD to CB cabins. Should one choose to stay on the BA or BB cabins, there will be an additional charge of $18 per pax. Thus, the total price a couple must pay will be $834 ($799 + $18 + $18).

For those of you who don’t know anything about cruises, each cruise usually have different kind of cabins. Some cabins are more spacious with better views, while some are not. All these cabins are charged at different prices. ADL went to check out the different cabins for SuperStar Libra and their respective prices are shown below. Do note that the prices below are for 2 adults.

Cabin From Merchant From Deal Savings
AA S$4,414 NA NA
AB S$3,294 NA NA
AD S$2,134 NA NA
ADB S$1,974 NA NA
BA S$1,754 S$834 S$920
BB S$1,694 S$834 S$860
CA S$1,634 NA NA
CAB S$1,514 NA NA
CB S$1,614 S$798 S$816
CC S$1,574 S$798 S$776
CD S$1,554 S$798 S$756
DA S$1,474 NA NA
DB S$1,394 NA NA

Please note that the above prices from the merchant (ie: Star Cruises) are for the cruise SuperStar Libra departing from Penang on 9 Oct, 16 Oct and 30 Oct. These prices are per what ADL found from Star Cruises website when this deal review was written. Also, these prices are only applicable for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only, and are  exclusive of shore excursion fees and other incidental charges.


As we can see clearly from the table above, there are indeed substantial savings for this deal. In fact, one can save up to about 50% by purchasing this deal! Half Price!

We went on to cheap further if there are any ongoing promotions which will allow one to enjoy more savings. Sadly, we couldn’t found any. Instead, there are only promotions for SuperStar Virgo. Click here to check it out.

Of course, there are some CONS to this deal too. We have listed the PROS and CONS for this deal below.


  1. Substantial savings involved
  2. Option to upgrade to better cabins available at cheap cost
  3. Interesting itinerary
  1. Cruise departs from Penang Malaysia –  Singaporean must travel to Penang to board the cruise. Thus, additional costs to travel to Penang must be incurred.
  2. Few dates available – Only 4 travel periods. 2, 9, 16, 30 Oct 2011.
  3. Departure dates are all on a Sunday – Working adults would have to take 3 days leave to go for this cruise
What we like about this deal is really the large amount of savings involved. Honestly, we highly doubt there are any other cheaper prices out there. If you happen to know of any travel agencies or promotions that entails one to this same cruise trip at a lower price, do let us know below!
The interesting itinerary is also something that we really like too! One get to visit Phuket and Krabi! Both places are considered the gem of thailand with iconic beaches, beautiful sceneries and many fun activities to do! A perfect getaway from the hectic Singapore working life!
Click here to check out what you can do in Phuket!
Click here to check out what you can do in Krabi!
Perhaps the most major “turnoff” for this deal is really the fact that the cruise departs from Penang, Malaysia. Penang is pretty far from Singapore, and one will have to spend additional time and money to travel to Penang to board the cruise. Due to this very reason, the few of us at ADL have decided to give this deal a miss. What about you? Will you purchase this deal?
Click here to check out the brochure for SuperStar Libra
Click here to check out the facilities available in SuperStar Libra
Click here to check out the cruise itinerary. (information taken from Star Cruise’s website)
Star Cruises
9 Penang Road#11-08 Park Mall
Singapore 238459
Booking Hotline: 62230002 (9am – 5pm daily)
Website: www.starcruises.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/starcruises

At ADL, we leak, you read.

5 responses on “All Onboard!

  1. janelle says:

    agree with you guys. departing at penang really make this deal lose its appeal. I would really have bought this deal if not for that clause

  2. Krishna says:

    Thanks a lot for your valuable review comments. I have overlooked the fact that it is starting from Penang. (Thinking it will departure from Singapore)

  3. mJ says:

    yup agree that the penang departure is a big turnoff. maybe the review can add in the options and prices to travel up to penang via bus or flight next time?

    • ADL says:

      Hi mJ,

      Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely take that into consideration and improve on our future reviews next time :)

      ADL team

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