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Are we rating this deal 5 stars? Maybe? However, we are not simply talking about the rating of this deal. In fact, it is totally something different. So what’s this Five Stars deal about?

>>> Deal$78/pax for 2D1N Stay at 5-Star Hotel Equatorial Malacca + Return Coach + Buffet Breakfast <<<


  • Minimum 2 Pax.
  • Travel period:
    • Apr 2012: 1-5, 9-13, 15-20, 22-27, 29-30
    • May 2012: 2-3, 7-11, 13-18, 20-25
    • Jun 2012: 24-29
    • Jul 2012: 1-6, 8-13, 15-19, 22-27, 29-31
    • Aug 2012: 1-3, 5-10, 12-16, 26-30
    • Sep 2012: 9-13, 17-21, 23-28, 30
  • Last check-out date by 1 Oct 2012.
  • In the event where the Executive Suite / Equator Club room is not available, the Deluxe room will be provided.
  • Optional charges (Payable directly to Five Stars Tours):
    • Buy 3 vouchers for Triple sharing (including child with bed)
    • Child without bed will be from $65 per pax
    • Extension rates: from $105 per room per night
  • Redemption and booking period till 15 Apr 2012.
  • For redemptions, visit any Five Stars Tours outlets.

So just $78 for a 5-star hotel accommodation deal by Five Stars Tours itself? That sounds like a pretty decent deal, so what’s the catch here? Let’s find out. Please be aware that a minimum of 2 are required to travel. Hence, the price will be $78 * 2 = $156.

Firstly, take note of the travel periods that are available. The dates are FIXED, so you’ll have to see if it fits your schedule. We realised that there isn’t any departures on Saturday, so it might be something to be taken note of too.Secondly, the latest check-out date available is 1st October 2012. Therefore, do ensure that you plan your dates out nicely. Thirdly, there is a free upgrade to the Executive Suite / Equator Club room. However, if it is unavailable, you’ll get the Deluxe room instead, which is cheaper. Fourthly, take note of the prices for triple sharing, child without bed and extension nights. Finally, please remember that the redemption and booking period is till 15 April 2012, slightly more than a month away. There is no online booking available, so you’ll still have to make your way down to any Five Stars Tours outlets with your passport to book your tour.

5-Star Hotel Equatorial


This deal is inclusive of 2d1n stay, return coach, buffet buffet and also a free room upgrade. Let’s do a price breakdown to evaluate if this deal is actually worth it. We will be taking the dates of June 24th and 25th as a general example for comparison.

Based on the rates from BusOnlineTicket, it will cost S$25/pax from Singapore to Malacca and S$20/pax from Malacca back to Singapore. This means that in total, the price per person for coach tickets will be $25 + $20 = $45. Furthermore, the pick up and drop off point in Malacca is in Melaka Sentral, which requires you to take either a bus or cab from Hotel Equatorial. However, it will definitely be more affordable to buy your return coach ticket from Malacca itself as their tickets will be charge in RM instead of SGD. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get an available seat. Hence, it can be quite risky especially during peak periods.

Transport aside, now let’s talk about the accommodation portion of the deal. Keep in mind that you’ll get a free room upgrade to either the Executive Suite or Equator Club. However, this is subject to availability as well.

Executive Suite Room

Equator Club Room

Let’s make a price comparison with other hotel booking sites via CompareHotel.com.sg:

Although it may seem that you’re making a loss if you are given the Deluxe room, let’s remember to take into consideration the return coach tickets, which will cost $45 * 2 = $90 for 2 people. This means that you get to save between:

For a Deluxe room: 
-$37.68 + $90 = $52.32
-$25.47 + $90 = $64.53

For an Equator Club room: 
$8.62 + $90 = $98.62
$47.51 + $90 = $137.51

For an Executive Suite:
$141.77 + $90 = $231.77
$153.42 + $90 = $243.42

Whichever room that you’re given, you still save money nonetheless. That’s the most crucial thing to take note of. The downfall to this deal is that you won’t know which room you might get. The agency can always claim that the Equator Club or Executive Suite rooms are occupied and offer you a normal Deluxe room. Although it’s still cheaper, it will definitely spoil your expectations. Hence, try to avoid getting your hopes up till you check-in!

What are your thoughts on this deal? Is $78/pax worth it for a 2d1n stay in Malacca? Do feel free to provide us with your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below!

Five Stars Tours
Head Office
People’s Park Complex #05-01
1 Park Road
Singapore 059108
Tel: 6533 5555
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fivestarstours.sg

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