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Mega Deal Alert!!!! Groupon has just launched a Popeyes 2 piece chicken deal, and in less than 1h 1272 coupons have already been sold! What are you waiting for?! Click to see this deal review now, and go make your purchase before the deal get sold out! You’ve been warned……

GrouponBeeconomic$3.30 for 2 Pieces of BONAFIDE Chicken at Popeyes Lousisiana Kitchen (Worth $5.50)

  • Valid 3 months.
  • Unlimited Groupon per person, may buy multiple as gifts.
  • Limit 1 Groupon per pax on each visit. Valid for dine in only.
  • Available at 5 locations:
    • Downtown East, 01-35/36
    • Bedok Point 03-01 to 03/06
    • 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Entertainment Complex 01-05/06
    • Punggol East Park, 10 Tebing Lane 01-05
    • Orchard MRT Xchange B1-19 to 23

Anyone who’ve eaten Popeyes Chicken before (almost everyone we believe), will know that the chicken at Popeyes is really different from good old chicken at KFC. Since Popeyes entered Singapore a few years back, it had garnered lots of fans and posed a threat to good old Colonel Sanders. Competition had been so fierce that Singaporean had split themselves to Team Popeyes and Team KFC sub consciously. Same thing at ADL, we do have a some members supporting Team Popeyes and some members supporting Team KFC. What about you!?

For this deal, one gets to save $2.20 from the usual $5.50. A discount of 40%. However, do take note that this deal only includes the 2 piece chicken with no drinks, no biscuits etc. ADL did a check and found out that the regular set meal which includes 2 piece chicken served with a regular soft drink and  a regular side dish costs $7.40.

What ADL says

If we are talking about the price aspect of this deal, there is definitely savings involved. However, we are a little disappointed that the deal is just for the 2 piece chicken which does not includes any additional items such as the biscuits. Nonetheless, at $3.30, one should really just buy this deal! Whats more, the locations for redemption are all very convenient as most of them are located near MRT!

ADL feels that to fully achieve maximum utility from this deal, it should be used as an add on to what was being ordered. For instance, a family of 3 with 2 adults and one kid may wish to purchase 2 regular sets (at $7.40 each) with an additional 2 piece chicken using this deal. This way, the amount of food will be just right for every member of the family. Of course, if you are a big eater who never get full eating just the regular set, buying this deal will be ideal too as by paying an additional $3.30, you get to enjoy 2 more pieces of chicken! Yum Yum!

Thats all we have today! Grab this deal fast now!

PS: Before we start writing this deal, a total of 1272 coupons have already been sold. Upon completing this deal review, a total of 2451 coupons have been sold. OMG

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17 responses on “Mega Deal Alert! 2 Piece Popeyes Chicken Deal!

  1. SUJU says:

    Cool. But is it exclusive to groupon??

  2. linghui says:

    im from team popeyes! haha. just bought 2 coupons! :D

  3. olivia says:

    it’s damn cheap lah! gonna get me some!

  4. Kervin says:

    Team kfc but I will buy this deal! Haha

  5. jiekun says:

    omg.i just checked 13602 sold?! How can the kitchen manage?!

  6. Not good enough says:

    Lunch meal cost $4.50 for 2 pc chicken, 1 drink & 1 biscuit.

    But this is every hour. So, ok.

    They shld allow for all outlets like Tampines.

  7. Khunnie says:

    tampines outlet is left out :(

  8. Anon says:

    Last time popeyes deal was from deal.com.sg, not Groupon. Some of these fake comments are so bloody obvious :) c’mon Groupon, you don’t need to resort to that, do you?

  9. Michael says:

    Not worth it.. Regretted buying the deal..

    $3.3 for 2 pieces of chicken. After topping up for a drink and potato, it cost the same as value combo ($7.7)

    • ADL says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the post-review! Any other readers who have bought and redeemed?

      ADL Team

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