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The ADL team loves to eat… Especially buffet… And with buffet deals around, how to be 不肥?! Currently, Deal.com.sg is having a deal on Japanese Ala carte buffet. For the price of $69.39, TWO person will get to enjoy Japanese Ala Carte buffet at Yuzuya or Momoya which orginally cost $99! However, is it really worth your $$? Should you buy this deal and be 肥? Or not buy this deal to be 不肥?? Hmm…

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each voucher is for 2 ala-carte buffet diners, and entitles to 1 serving of Kaisen Nabe (Seafood Paper Pot) for 2 diners (worth $18), and 2 servings of non-alcoholic drinks (worth $6).
  2. Valid until 30 July 2011
  3. Valid only for lunch/dinner ala-carte buffet
  4. Available on Mondays – Fridays only excluding Public Holidays
  5. Each voucher is for 2 diners. No partial redemption allowed.
  6. Redeemable only at Momoya Japanese Restaurant or Yuzuya Japanese Dining.
  7. 1.01m to 1.4m – Child price, Above 1.4m – Adult price 

The inquistive ADL did a check, and found out that Yuzuya is under the same management of Momoya and both the restaurants serve the same Buffet menu dishes. However, both restaurants are located at different places. Yuzuya is located at Upper Thomson while Momoya is located at Upper Changi. Of course, the highlights, and terms and conditions for this deal is applicable to both outlets.

The original price of the buffet is shown below:

Adult Child
Price Price after GST and service charge Price Price after GST and service charge
Lunch $28 $32.956 $16 $18.832
Dinner $32 $37.664 $18 $21.186

* Price after GST and service charge is calculated via the following: (price x 1.1 x 1.07).

* Lunch Buffet is from 11am to 2pm. Dinner Buffet is from 6pm to 10pm.

Since the price of the deal is $69.30 for two person, the cost for one person is $34.65. Comparing this price of $34.65 to the price in the above table, one would found out that the savings is actually not that much. In fact, one will only save, if he or she is an adult, and he or she went to the dinner buffet session.

HOWEVER, when we consider the fact that this deal includes 1 serving of Kaisen Nabe (which is to be shared by the two diners), and 2 non-alcoholic drinks. This deal then of course seems better and more worth it. ADL called up the restaurant and found out that the Kaisen Nabe is actually a seafood paper pot dish. As for the 2 non-alcoholic drink, one can choose any 2 non- alcoholic drinks from the restaurant’s non buffet ala carte menu. Do check out both the Facebook page of Yuzuya and Momoya to see the choices of non-alcoholic drink available.

What ADL says…

This deal is definitely an attractive deal. Even without the complimentary dish and non alcoholic drink, one would already have saved some money (though small) should he or she go the dinner session (assuming that the individual is an adult).

After adding the complimentary dish (Kaisen Nabe) and the two non-alcoholic drinks, one would definitely enjoy savings regardless of whether he or she goes to the lunch or the dinner buffet.

However, do take note that there are restrictions to this deal in the sense that it is only valid on weekdays, and one voucher must be used for two diners.

Also, it should be clear that one should not purchase this deal for your child. Looking at the table above, its cheaper to pay for the full child price at the restaurant itself.

Lastly, should one wishes to obtain the most value out of your coupons, just go for the dinner session, and order the two most expensive non-alocholic drink in the menu (we know this is a bit cheapo…) :x

Thats all we have for you! Purchase this deal here!

Good deals, Bad deals, All Deals Leak :)

PS: ADL also found out currently, DBS Card members, can enjoy a complimentary serving of Ginadara Mentai Yaki (Grilled Cod fish with Cod Roe worth $12) for every 2 Adult ala-carte Buffet Dinner ordered at either Yuzuya or Momoya . Terms and Conditions applies. Click here to find out more.

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